How many other stops (if any) will the driver make?

No other stops are made, we offer private door to door transportation.

Do I need to tip the driver?

No, gratuity is included in your quoted rate and it is your option to give the driver an extra tip.

Is my credit card charged when I make a reservation?

No, you are only charged after you have taken the ride.

Are your drivers in uniform?

Our drivers are dressed professionally in conservative 3 piece business suits.

At the Detroit Airport can the driver pick me up at curbside?

All commercial vehicles have to park and pick-up customers in the baggage claim area.

How many pieces of luggage can a Town Car hold?

5 to 7 pieces *( normal sized suitcases)  of luggage.

Is there a charge for canceling?

Any cancellation made prior to 3 hours before the scheduled pick up time is without penalty.

Is there a waiting fee?

Waiting charges will apply after the first 15 minutes of pre-arranged time.

What if my flight is delayed?

We track all flights so we’ll know if your delayed or arriving early.  Driver will be waiting (no charge) for you in the baggage claim dept.

For International flights, am I charged for Driver waiting?

No, we won’t send Driver until we know you’ll be coming out of Customs.

Is there a fee for having the Driver make a stop?

Stop over charge is $10.00 (A stop over within regular route of two destinations and not more than 15 minutes)