Detroit Airport Limousine or Car Service

 Detroit Airport Limousine or Car Service


Everything in life runs in cycles as it always has. Stock market stability, business prospectives, fashion, life cycles, etc. The airport limousine industry is no different than any other business and there has been a major shift in customer preference over the past few years mainly due to the ongoing economic recession.

The last shift in the limousine industry started at the end of 1998 and has continued through the 2000’s as the limousine industry shifted towards the use of sedans and SUVs as corporate clients no longer wanted to indulge in using limousines for business mainly due the opulent price of service.  This was evident in the late 1990’s as many limousine companies around the country started replacing the stretch limos for the more requested luxury sedan vehicles allowing them to offer greatly discounted rates to passengers while still providing an upscale service.

This shift in vehicle utilization by Detroit Metro Airport Car Service providers and others across the country has been dictated by the clients we serve. The corporate traveler today is much more educated than they were 10-15 years ago concerning travel budgets.  Factor in the recession, smaller corporate travel budgets, and the ease of the internet to find affordable travel options and you have all the reasons needed for the entire limousine industry to immediately adapt to the clients request.

How would you feel if a client, partner, sales-person or potential vendor showed up to a meeting in a stretch limousine tomorrow? Most would find this to be a opulent waste of company money at a time when most everyone is being forced to be more frugal in the changing economic times we now find ourselves in.

Today the shift taking place in the limo industry is replacing their stretch limousine fleet to luxury sedans and SUVs as the primary vehicle types for corporate transportation as requested by most corporate travelers. Most of today’s travelers tend to search for a Detroit Airport Car Service rather than a Detroit Airport Limo when using an internet search engine. Many limousine companies started changing their fleet of vehicles over to luxury sedans and SUV’s starting in the late 1990’s and that trend is continues today as well. The use of stretch limousines is not quite dead, but it is close as they are being replaced with much more affordable luxury sedans.

American Airport Car Service (800-991-5964) is one of the premier and most preferred Detroit Airport Transportation providers serving the Detroit Metro Airport and surrounding areas. American also offers transportation services to all outlying areas such as Ann Arbor, Flint, Toledo, Lansing, Port Huron, Battle Creek, Auburn Hills and Bowling Green.

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