TSA Expands Security Pre-Check

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Good news for airline passengers as the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is expanding the Pre-Check program to include more cities and more airlines as well. The program which allows passengers a faster screening process after being identified as low risk, fliers acquire special passes that allow them to speedily pass through security without removing shoes, belts or opening carry-on bags which shortens the time spent in slow moving security lines.

The Pre-Check program is being extended to 28 more U.S. airports as the program becomes more popular with frequent travelers. The TSA is also adding Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways to the limited list of participating airline carriers which until now has been limited to Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

The program launched last year but was only offered to a very limited number of airports around the country is gaining popularity with travelers and shortening the regular security lines at the participating airports as a bonus. Until now Pre-Check was only available to passengers traveling out of the airports of Detroit, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Dallas.

There have been more than 335,000 passengers screened through the TSA Pre-Check program to date and the program is gaining in popularity each month. The program is intended to speed-up the check-in time at airports while improving security by conducting a thorough screening on passengers that volunteer personal information. The process is very similar to a background check.

Most participants are selected frequent flyers from participating airline carriers as well as members of Customers and Border Protection’s Trust Traveler programs.
If a traveler passes the TSA Pre-Check background check information will be embedded in the barcode of their boarding pass allowing them to proceed directly to the Pre-Check lane, where they undergo expedited screening, sometimes allowing fliers to keep their shoes, jackets and belts on, their laptops in their bag.

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