Airport Travel Tips and Advice

When and where to find the best deals online
Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak, and Expedia are the best known and most popular sites but take the time to check some others and you may save some cash. A few others to consider are,,, Bing Travel and
The best time to find great deals online is after midnight on Wednesday for dates 2 weeks out.

Arrive early
Try to allow yourself 20 to 30 minutes extra when traveling to any airport to account for traffic delays, construction back-ups, long security lines or bad weather conditions. It is better to arrive early when traveling to ensure you make your flight, being late can be very expensive and inconvenient.

Less luggage is better
Experienced travelers try to pack as compactly as possible so they can carry all items on-board as carry-ons which can save a lot of time checking in and waiting on luggage minimizing their overall travel time from point to point. Be aware of the weather conditions at your destination and pack accordingly (try not to pack more than you really need.

Direct flights vs non stop flights
Non-stop is the way to go whenever possible. Non-stop flights will usually be slightly higher than direct flights which will have at least one stop over or more in route making for a prolonged travel day.

Best long delay or layover options at the airport
AIRLINE LOUNGES are first class lounges that have restrictions for entry. To access these lounges, you must have a first or business class ticket with the airline (or a partner airline) that operates the lounge. Depending on the airline or alliance program, economy ticket holders may be able to purchase a day pass usually at a cost of around $50.00 for 24hrs. Airline lounges are a great deal if you are stuck with a long lay-over at the airport and is an economical alternative to airport restaurants or taxi transportation.
While all lounges are vary somewhat, some features you can expect to find are:
*Unlimited beverages (including alcohol in some lounges)
*WiFi for laptop users and computer workstations for those who do not have a laptop
*Comfortable seating
*Sleeping rooms
*Showers (great for those of you who have just spent the night in the terminal the night before)
*Buffet style meals and/or snacks
*Massages (usually for an extra fee)
*Cable television
* Very pleasant and clean atmosphere

Airport Car Service vs parking
In most cases an airport car service is the way to go. Arranging transportation via an airport car service is as about the same cost as a taxi ride in most cities and offers a more upscale service. Compared to airport parking and having to handle your luggage at least a couple of extra times a car service drops you off at curbside check-in giving a little extra time. Upon your arrival most car services meet you in the baggage claim area and assist you with your luggage. Not using airport parking might cost a little extra but is well worth the convenience.

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