Detroit Metro Airport Traffic

Detroit Metro Airport Traffic

It happens to be a known fact that Detroit Metro Airport is one of the most modern and most efficient international airports in the country which also hosts Delta Airlines second largest hub in the nation offering travelers convenient flight schedules to domestic and international destinations as well. But Detroit Metropolitan Airport has in recent years seen the total number of passengers passing through the terminals lag behind other comparable airports around the country.

The airport has averaged about 32 million travelers since 2010 which is down considerately from its peak of 36.5 million in 2005.One can only assume that Detroit’s struggling economy and the fact that airfares and airline consolidation are key factors in the stagnate numbers of recent years. While Detroit Metro has struggled to retain passenger traffic levels some other of the nations larger airports hubs have made some gains in passenger traffic.

The fact is that about half of today’s 32 million passengers passing through DTW are local travelers, with the other half using the airport for connections. Fortunately Metro Airport has made some efforts in trying to increase the number of passengers passing through the airport. The latest being the announcement that the airport will be adding Jet Blue as a new discount carrier starting early next year. Jet Blue will offer a Detroit to Boston flight to begin with and we will have to what follows as the airline establishes its new territory at the Detroit Metro Airport.

Other comparable airports like Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles are experiencing moderate growth because their local economies are stronger and their international connecting flights are growing. Detroit is not a popular destination city mainly due to the economic problems and negative media attention nationwide and while we all hope the city’s economic state changes in the near future it will not happen overnight or for that matter in the immediate future.

While passenger growth has stalled the airport is working hard to boost non-airline related revenue with improvements in concessions, amenities and adding more cargo flights to remain steady or reduce the costs to the airlines. Some airport officials would like to see efforts made in finding other ways of increasing the annual number of airport travelers by finding ways to make the under-utilized airport more appealing to all travelers.

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