Metro Airport Car Service vs Rental Car

When it comes to arranging transportation to or from Detroit Metro Airport travelers have a few different options to choose from dependent on their particular needs or requirements. Unfortunately shared ride shuttle service is only offered to the Ann Arbor area at this time leaving rental cars, taxi-cabs and chauffeured car services as the most often chosen means of transportation for airline travelers commuting to or from the airport. The transportation industry has undergone major changes in the past few years becoming much more affordable and convenient to business and personal travelers alike. Rental cars have been the preferred option for many in the past but rental car rates are on the rise, with no end in sight forcing many travelers to look at other options. Not only are rental car rates on the rise but many rental car companies are also adding hidden fees so the final bill can be quite alarming at times. If you happen to one of folks who have been booking a rental car out of habit, now is the time to consider something different.

Reserving a chauffeured car service to the surrounding area or for that matter even out of state service as well usually is a better value and more cost-effective than you would probably think. When reserving transportation with an airport service you’ll receive a flat rate from point A to point B, with no hidden fees or meter charges. When can you ever be confident that you know what the bill for your rental car is going to be ahead of time? You also save even more money when you don’t have to pay for parking in the city or airport either. On-site airport parking is expensive at the Detroit Metro Airport making it one of the highest priced airports in the country for long term and short term parking. Both on-site airport parking and rental cars can add up quickly increasing the total cost of your travels substantially. Rental car agencies also raise their rates when big events are in town. If you’re planning to attend a convention out of state, your rental car from Detroit to Chicago or Columbus could easily cost considerately more than if you’re just planning a one day trip for a business meeting.

Along with the rising rental car rates you also have to drive yourself dealing with traffic, construction and weather conditions. Even with the best GPS giving you turn-by-turn instructions driving in an unfamiliar state can be frustrating and stressful as we all know. With a rental car you have to drive yourself, pump your own gas, provide your own refreshments adding more tasks to your already busy schedule.  When reserving your Detroit Metro Airport transportation with a professional and dependable provider such as American Airport Car Service all of those things are taken care of and they’re also included in the price. You can always make special requests before you leave and know your personal chauffeur will take care of everything allowing you the opportunity to relax arriving rested and refreshed.

Another thing to remember is when you drive yourself in a rental car you don’t have the ability to answer cell phone calls or emails and if you happen to be traveling during work hours this could become very frustrating quickly. When employing the services of a chauffeured airport car service simply sit in the back of the sedan and work away as you travel from DTW Airport to your destination in the comfort and style you truly do deserve. Your productivity level is certain to rise when you choose American Airport Car Service, and that will more than pay any of the added costs if any.

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