Air Travel Planning

When it comes to air travel planning most all regular airline travelers are aware of the fact that there happen to a multitude of things that could go wrong during a trip away from home. There are plenty of opportunities for your trip to go downhill rapidly and in some instances can be catastrophic.

One of the most common mistakes busy travelers commit is delaying the purchase of airline reservations until the selection of seating and flight times are diminished and higher fares are the only options. Let’s be honest getting up at 3am to make that early 6am flight or being stuck in a middle seat is not how any of us like to start a travel day. Procrastinating when it comes to reserving airline reservations usually means that all the good flight times are filled and you most likely will find yourself on an early-bird special or the infamous late night red-eye. Reserving airline tickets earlier allows you the opportunity to select from more convenient flight times with much better seating choices while receiving a drastically reduced fare.

Another common mistake made by many travelers is reserving a bad hotel room. I think most all of us have at one point in time been guilty of discovering after the fact that reserving a bad room can quickly ruin your entire trip. There are many different scenarios that can make the rushed decision of reserving a hotel without any research a catastrophic ordeal. Sometimes you have a clue there is something not right when checking in at the front desk but other times you might not realize that you’re not getting what you expected until you open the door to the hotel room you just paid for and are immediately greeted and overwhelmed by a disagreeable odor. Other times all may seem absolutely fine until after unpacking the essentials after a long flight and getting ready to lay down for some much needed rest and notice an unsanitary stain on the sheet or a roach crawling out of the covers, time to run. Other things that can make a bad hotel stay is having a room adjacent to a busy elevator, ice machine or vending machines attracting other hotel guests all hours of the day and night. No one sleeps well when having to clamp a pillow around their head and ears to muffle the ambient noise invading their room from under the door. Being poolside may be great for vacationers but for business travelers being able to sleep after a long hard day may be more of a priority and much less likely to achieve when pool side. You should always take a little extra time researching the prospective hotels amenities and read a few customer reviews before booking hotel accommodations to ensure their services and amenities are what you expect and truly deserve as well.

Airport ground transportation is another seemingly small travel detail which can ruin your out of town travels also. Safe and expedient travel can be compromised horribly when you find yourself in strange new city for the first time not knowing anything about time-tables for local public transportation or the availability and convenience of hailing or finding a taxi in the strange city you have found yourself assigned to. It can be very stressful and frustrating sitting stuck in a traffic jam while driving an unfamiliar rental car that you’re still learning how to operate. Public transportation and rental cars as well diminish your opportunities of much needed relaxation during your travel day whether it us business or personal vacation. The easiest way to ensure safe and dependable airport ground transportation is to reserve the services of a professional airport car service allowing you the opportunity to arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed. An airport car service offers you a level of comfortable luxury that public transportation, tax-cabs, and rental car companies can’t.

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