Discount Airline Fares & Accommodations

As all frequent business travelers have learned air travel and accommodations often times can be just more excessive stress on overburdened people who are already juggling plenty of responsibilities. From finding your way through countless unfamiliar airports and having to deal with time issues posed by canceled or delayed flights, not being able to find a cab to discovering that your hotel is completely unacceptable, the opportunities abound for your business or personal trip to go terribly wrong are never ending.

There happens to be a simple alternative however by simply negotiating ahead of time for price and amenities offered by taking the time to request travel quotes ahead of time and inquiring about the amenities beforehand. Obtaining travel quotes are fast and easy to do and are just comparative prices on the various services or amenities you’ll need or require to get through your personal or business trip smoothly with no unexpected surprises or kinks in your allotted time schedule. Get a few quotes on airline tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants and airport transportation to ensure affordable pricing and all the amenities you expect and deserve.

For most travelers the fastest and easiest search for quotes is finding airfare and hotel accommodations with so many companies offering package deals at discounted rates. Just a few of the most popular sites for air-fare and hotel quotes are,,, and, all of which are great for finding competitive quotes. With most of the travel sites you can also find rental car options as well.

Acquiring a few different travel quotes is easy to accomplish by a fast and easy internet search. But there is another way to gather your quotes while adding a personal touch by doing your own shopping for the absolutely best deals to be found. Call each of the airlines that you prefer most and hopefully are enrolled in their rewards programs to get the best deal possible, sometimes dealing with the specific airline carrier directly can result in a lower fare than a discount online broker. Dealing directly with the airline can often times allow you more desirable and comfortable seating options than you receive from some of the large discount internet sites. If you happen to be assigned an economy seat it is worth asking how much it would cost you to upgrade or move to another more comfortable especially on longer flights. Just repeat this procedure with all of the airline carriers you’re interested in flying with. Remember it’s your money, comfort and time so make sure that all of your requirements are meet to your standards.

The same procedure also applies to reserving hotels and car services as well. If you can manage to successfully negotiate for a better room with a hotel that you’ve shown loyalty towards by taking advantage of your past patronage while making your stay much more comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.

Concerning airport car services, knowing how much you’ll be requiring the service over the next few months or year could help you acquire a better price or discounted rate. Most all car service companies give regular and frequent customers discounted rates as well as corporate clients alike. Signing a contract with a car service company is neither necessary nor required by most companies in the industry.

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