Corporate Home Based Workers

For many of today’s frequent airport road warriors a whole week spent in their home office can be a very rare occasion indeed due to their hectic and demanding travel schedule. It has become a growing trend in the past few years for more and more companies to move away from the standard and traditional workspaces and hours that for long have been the business norm. More companies each year are adopting and transforming into much more casual corporate structures, sometimes they may include an array  of amenities which could range from a total work-from-home policy, part-time at home/office to extended vacation time. No matter if your company happens to be of traditional structure or among the most forward -thinking trend setters in the world working from a home based office has become the business norm for a growing number of corporate workers across the nation each and every year.

Many corporations find that employees tend to be happier and more productive as well. In today’s ever changing high-tech where Wi-Fi is almost always attainable with our laptops, tablets and cell phones it has become possible to conduct business in an efficient and productive manner in places other than the traditional office environment. Yes remote management was possible in years past before Wi-Fi and all our mobile devices but it was less productive and less than efficient to say the least.

One problem many companies face using a remote based workforce geographically scattered is the fact that some employees can feel disconnected from their co-workers, colleagues, management team and the policies and goals of the corporation. A business culture of transparency including complete insight on salaries, benefits and even the amount of sleep the staff gets, has become the new norm. No matter of how you choose to approach the subject of transparency, working to ensure the home-based remote workforce remains productive and cost efficient is end goal for any corporation.

It’s much easier to clear-up misunderstood or misinterpreted e-mails or messages in the traditional corporate office environment. Receiving a confusing email or text from a co-worker or colleague, getting a clarifying answer to any question is and always been as simple as walking over to the senders office or work station. When working from a home based remote office often times the sender may or may not be available or even in the same time zone or continent making it much harder to obtain a quick response to any questions that may arise. Clear and to the point directives, intentions, expectations and goals should be very detailed when working remotely or working with others who are.

Some companies with remote work forces depend on tracking software to track non office based workers productivity by utilizing a computer metrics system which objectively measure’s  each remote based employees’ performance and achievements against their position’s expectations and requirements. Other companies opt to rely on a department manager to solely determine the remote employee’s performance just as in a traditional office environment.

It is true working from a home based office is a fantastic opportunity for some workers but for others it can be very unsettling having a personal need to exist and perform in the traditional office setting with all the conveniences at hand allowing face to face communication and clarification to any and all issues that may arise. The upside to working from a remote home based office is not having to deal with rush hour traffic to and from the office daily and a more flexible workday schedule.

Many companies have found that it is very beneficial both monetarily and productively implementing a home based workforce for certain positions. Companies save on electricity not having an employee in an office or cubicle and have less computers to buy and maintain. They often times find the remote based employee to be more assertive, productive and happier in their work as well. A vast majority of home based worker’s are usually employees that travel frequently for business whether it be sales, service personnel or support staffing.

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