Detroit Airport Amenities

Detroit Metro Airport is the host to thousands of fatigued travelers each and every day. We all know the feeling of being crammed into the cabin of an airplane for hours, which naturally has been booked to capacity by the airline carrier for hours. Often time’s travelers with connecting flights face a 1 to 3 hour layover before boarding their connecting flight which just means more time hanging around and waiting. Sometimes the lifestyle of a frequent traveler can be exciting and somewhat adventurous and other times can be mundane and boring to say the least.

If you happen to one of those frequent travelers you may or may not be aware of the amenities available at the Detroit Metro Airport to passengers who have extended down-time awaiting their connecting flight. Metro Airport provides tired and weary travelers different options for passing their usually boring layover down-time. The airport has many options if you are famished and need to grab something to eat, would like to enjoy a cocktail, find a souvenir for someone dear or just sit and surf the internet to relax and pass the time.

The airport has multiple options when it comes to eateries from very nice restaurants offering an upscale service and menu options to fast food such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, tacos and even sushi if you desire. In today’s ever changing environment major airports around the world have also changed in recent years offering passengers some great dining options unlike not long ago when food at the airport tasted like institutional type offerings that most passengers avoided unless truly desperate.

To some locating a comfortable lounge to enjoy a cocktail and unwind between flights is a welcome sight. If you’re not in mad rush for your connecting flight you will find multiple choices of comfortable and relaxing lounges at either of the terminals at the Detroit airport. Frequent travelers make great sacrifices due to their busy and hectic schedules keeping them away from home and family which truly entitles them to any relaxation and comfort they can find when away. The next time your flight schedule includes a long delay consider doing a little research on the lounge’s at the airport to relax, catch-up on some work or read a newspaper allowing you an opportunity to slowdown and relax.

For members of the armed forces and their families the McNamara Terminal has recently opened the very comfortable Freedom Center which is located at Gate A43 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s McNamara Terminal. The Freedom Center is operated by the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center, Inc. which is a non-profit organization ensuring that members of the military and their families have a clean and comfortable area to rest and relax. The Freedom Center is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers and offers our traveling military and all veterans a quiet area with comfortable couches, recliners, complimentary coffee, juice, soft drinks and bottled water, snacks, free wi-fi availability and even a bed to grab some shut-eye if needed.

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