Airport Ground Transportation Detroit

The Detroit Metro International Airport is just one of the great examples of achievement and growth in the greater Detroit Metropolitan area. Anyone who has traveled¬† in or out of Metro Airport in recent years can’t deny the fact that the city’s airport is one of the most passenger friendly, most modern and less difficult to fly in or out of than most all others in the country. As a matter of fact DTW Airport has been ranked one of the top 10 airports in the entire nation for over a decade and for good reason.

Regardless of your destination in or around the Detroit area whether it be one of the bustling suburbs like Auburn Hills, Ann Arbor, Macomb, Novi or even the actual city of Detroit itself there are many great things about the area to do, see and enjoy.

The Detroit Metro area is spread out and as diverse as any in comparison making transportation around the area a factor to plan ahead for when coming to the area.

Public transportation is available to a very limited extent; being “The Motor City” public transportation has never been a priority in the area thus the public transportation available is very limited in relation to most other metropolitan areas of its size. But if you want to take a bus with a little pre-planning it is possible.

For travelers opting to ride on the public bus transportation to downtown Detroit passengers can be found at the terminal to catch the SMART Bus which offers very limited service to the downtown Detroit area for $2.00. For more information on SMART Bus schedules and timetables go to their website at for more detailed info.

For Public Bus Transportation to the Ann Arbor area more frequent schedules abound with services offered by AirRide Coach Service. Passengers are able to ride DTW Airport to Ann Arbor on the public AirRide Coach Service for a mere $12.00 each way or $22.00 for a round-trip. You can just board one at the airport or you can reserve and buy your tickets in advance via their website at

When it comes to taxi-cab’s or shuttle’s it is a well known fact that economical shared ride-shuttle services in the area are very limited as well. Online you will be able to find many shared ride shuttle services to the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti areas but that’s about the extent of shared ride services available at this time.

Taxi-cab’s are not as plentiful in the area as one would expect and most that you do find seem to be a little on the expensive side as well. When considering whether to use a local taxi-cab company for ground transportation when arriving at the Detroit Airport one should compare the taxi rates with the rates of one of the many luxury Detroit Airport Car Service providers servicing the airport and surrounding areas.

In the Detroit area chauffeured luxury sedan Detroit Airport Transportation is available at just about the rate as the same ride would cost in a regular taxi and in some cases even less. You can in this city choose to ride in a luxury vehicle, chauffeur driven in style and comfort for the same expense of a taxi.

Rental Cars are also an option for getting around the area and most all major rental car companies are located off-site at the airport with shuttle-bus service from each terminal to their respective off-site facility.

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