In-Flight Wi-Fi Benifits

Any frequent traveler surely knows the many advantages of being able to work, e-mail, shop, make future reservations or just browse the internet during a flight. Having internet access during your flight allows you an extra opportunity finish that report for work, find and book hotels, restaurants or rental cars, catch-up on e-mails or maybe just download a movie and relax.

In-flight access allows you to have a much more effective way to pass your time on those longer flights that to be so very boring. Frequent air travel can become very fatiguing to regular airline business travelers especially in the past when flight time was so non-productive. It does cost travelers extra to receive in-flight internet access but the benefits are surely worth the extra cost. If you’re looking into purchasing in flight Wi-Fi for your next planned flight keep in mind benefits of having access but also be aware of the extra costs that the Wi-Fi access will incur.

Wi-Fi allows all passengers an opportunity to focus their attention to multitude of important undertakings during their flight time, which would have in the past tended to always be non-productive and somewhat boring time spent on the plane. With in-flight access you are able to complete reports, answer your emails or research a particular subject. It will also give you a chance to stay in contact with your family, business associates and friends alike. Many business travelers sometimes find themselves surrendering their free times of the day to do the work they were unable to get completed before their scheduled flight or next meeting. In flight access gives the business traveler an a way to utilize their flight time in a more productive way accomplishing much more during their in-air flight times than was previously possible.

Now that the time has come that the majority of airline companies have at long last given in to the public’s long time demand for in-flight internet access. Most all of the major airlines that offer international services will have Wi-Fi in-flight access available for all a small access fee.

Southwest Airlines happens to offer the lowest access rates of all the airline carriers by charging its passengers $2.00-$12.00 for in flight Wi-Fi access for all wireless devices. At this time American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air Tran and US Airways offer passengers Wi-Fi access from $11.00 to $49.00 for laptops and $4.95 to $19.95 for your mobile devices like phones and tablets. Unfortunately at this time in-flight Wi-Fi access is not available on Frontier Airlines or Spirit Airlines.


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