Detroit Metro Airport Lost Luggage

It is unfortunate to admit but all airline carriers loose or miss-route luggage on a daily basis which can be very inconvenient for business and personal travelers alike. One would assume that in the high tech and automated world we live in today that something as simple as having your luggage loaded in a timely manner on the proper flight would truly be an easy task to accomplish. It is not a subject that the airline carriers like to admit but it happens each and every day to all airline carriers across the board on multiple flights. Due to the vast amount of luggage it truly is amazing that this doesn’t happen more often than it does.

Some travelers tend to have concerns about what happens if their luggage fails to appear on the luggage carousel with all the other bags from their flight. Some people that incur this unlucky situation often times fear that their luggage and its contents are lost or stolen forever which very seldom happens to be the case at all.

If you are certain that all the baggage from your assigned flight have been unloaded and yours is no-where to be found, which usually means that you are the last one standing at the luggage carousel don’t panic and assume the worst as you still have a good chance of getting your bags before you leave the terminal. If you are using the services of a professional Detroit airport transportation company your chauffeur can direct you to the customer service counter of your specified airline carrier to inquire about the tracking location of your bags.

In some cases your bags may have accidentally been left beside the loading ramp below your luggage claim carousel, mistakenly been sent up another carousel other than yours or unknowingly left on the tarmac. In all of these scenarios, the good news is yes you will receive your lost suitcases in a short period of time usually 5 to 10 minutes.

In other instances it can be a little more burdensome and inconvenient to you as a traveler. If your airline customer service rep discovers by tracking your lost luggage on their system by the last location it was scanned that your bag failed to be loaded on the plane before departure or was misrouted to another airport the process is quite routine. The airline rep will ask you fill out a simple form and will also be able to tell you when your bag will arrive. You are generally given the option of returning to the terminal to pick-up the item or the airline will deliver it to your home or hotel within 12 to 24 hrs in most circumstances.

Only a very small percentage of travelers are unfortunate enough to experience this blunder but you can rest assured that it may be inconvenient for a short period of time but when all is said and done you will receive you lost luggage 99.3% of the time, pretty good odds huh.

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